It Grows As It Goes

Do you know the New Mexico state motto? To save you from Googling, the motto is “It grows as it goes.” When hearing this for the first time I had to suppress a chuckle (sorry New Mexicans), but upon learning where it came from it left an impression on me. This motto references the dynamic progress of the state’s past, present, future and ultimately its legacy.

The tendency of business in our “age of acceleration”, borrowing from Friedman, seems to only be about the now, A-Z rounds of funding, and customer retention sans profitability. Wildwood on the other hand is focused on forever. Our company’s roots were planted by our partners over 20 years ago and today we continue to grow a successful portfolio of projects organically. Counterintuitive as “organic” might be in today’s bigger, faster culture, we’re okay with it because we can be intentional about th