How Credits Are Made

Legacy of Restoration

Environmental credits are an asset class born from the wild and realized through restoration. To start generating credits, the baseline function of a wetland, stream, endangered species habitat, or even an ecosystem’s ability to sequester carbon must first be established. Then Wildwood will determine prescriptions to restore these resources, thereby enlarging their functional capacity and creating additional environmental benefit or credit.

Our Recipe for Restoration

1. Start by identifying suitable land.

Wildwood is searching for properties with sufficient aquatic resources and/or endangered species habitat.

2. Scientifically evaluate the current environmental conditions.

Our team qualifies and quantifies the present state of available resources to determine mitigation credit potential.

3. Implement specific restoration prescriptions for the site.

By planting trees, treating invasive species, rebuilding degraded streams,  and/or pursuing various land-based enhancements, Wildwood generates environmental credits.

4. Holistically manage the now enhanced resources through adaptive, long-term strategies.

Wildwood ensures future ecological success by utilizing permanent conservation easements and perpetual funding mechanisms for ongoing stewardship.

How We Grow

If you are curious about our bold mission, reach out to learn more about our long-term stewardship philosophies and how we restore water resources, create cleaner air, and develop more biodiverse ecosystems.