Our team specializes in delivering value to our partners through simplifying the mitigation process. Do you need wetlands, stream, or endangered species credits for a pending project? Do you just want to learn more about mitigation and how you can create your own? It can be a jungle out there, so let Wildwood be your guide!

Buy Credits

Purchasing ecological offsets, or mitigation credits, is a quick and easy way to demonstrate Clean Water Act compliance for your permit (Endangered Species Act too!). Mitigation banking is actually the preferred compensatory offset by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and a great strategy for many U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service districts across the country. Equally important, the purchase of mitigation bank credits transfers environmental liabilities from your project to one of Wildwood’s established mitigation banks, allowing you to focus on core business, while we deal with the weeds.

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Create Credits

Where do credits come from? This can be a tricky question, but we do our best to simplify the answer. Wildwood (and others) develop mitigation credits through the restoration of degraded ecosystems on land we own, or through joint ventures with property owners. The size of these projects, amount of restoration and subsequent prescriptions vary, but at the end of the day our credits come from positive changes to our shared natural resources.

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We separate ourselves by being ourselves and that makes all the difference! Our Team has extensive experience in mitigation/conservation banking, permittee-responsible project generation, geospatial opportunity mapping, and land stewardship. Combining these talents with a strategic approach to mitigation, a client first mentality for sales, and personal pride in restoration is what makes Wildwood unique.

What we Offer

Mitigation Conservation Banking Services

Permittee Responsible Project Generation

Remote Sensing & Spatial Science Mapping

Natural Resource Management

Our Team

Preston W. Smith

Managing Member

Cliff Sunda

Managing Member

Preston L. Smith “Big Pres”


Larry Dixon


Ben Jackson

Land Specialist

Scott Bosworth

Wildlife Biologist / Ecologist

Matt Tribby

Wildlife Biologist / Ecologist

Nina Deck


Wade Dixon

Property Manager

Tillman Hurst

Sales & Marketing Associate

Austin Russell

Environmental Specialist and Forester

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We are always looking for likeminded partners who believe in leaving things better than they found them. Do you need a permit for an upcoming project? Are you interested in creating environmental credits with Wildwood? Or maybe you just want to come up with a management plan for your property? Its Wildwood’s goal to help provide answers in a simple, straight forward way, so let’s get the conversation started!


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