Mitigation Banking

What Is Mitigation Banking?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), compensatory mitigation refers to “the restoration, establishment, enhancement, or in certain circumstances preservation of wetlands, streams or other aquatic resources for the purpose of offsetting unavoidable adverse impacts.”

At Wildwood, we like to think about compensatory mitigation in more personal terms…

The Wildwood Way

Mitigation and conservation banks provide us opportunities to restore, enhance, and save ecosystems with which we are intimately connected. Our team is passionate about the legacy of these projects, not just because of the clean water and fresh air they produce, but also because they support responsible development and a more resilient landscape.

Let Wildwood Be Your Guide

We specialize in delivering value to our partners through simplifying the mitigation process. Do you need wetland, stream, or endangered species credits for a pending project? Do you just want to learn more about mitigation and how you can create your own? It can be a jungle out there, so let Wildwood be your guide!