Permittee-Responsible Mitigation

When to Choose PRM

When compensatory mitigation obligations cannot be satisfied through bank credits, Wildwood employs custom-tailored strategies to help offset impacts from a variety of industries.

Our proven record of performance for generating Section 404 and Endangered Species Act (ESA) projects allows you to leverage our experience and relationships to ensure efficient permitting.

Wildwood Expertise

In contrast to a mitigation bank, PRM projects are designed to ensure the environmental compliance of an individual impact; however, the environmental liabilities remain with the permittee.

At Wildwood, we utilize innovative contracting models that limit the long-term liabilities of our clients while obligating us as the project’s long-term steward. This allows you to focus on core business while we deal with the weeds.


You Come First

With any client, our relationship with you always comes first. We take on the difficult environmental tasks, so that you don’t have to, delivering you the freedom to get back to doing what you do best. Do you need a PRM? Have questions about our approach? Let Wildwood be your guide and contact us.