Right Time Right Place

Considering the frequency of one’s blog is essential for strong Google rankings, I’d say its probably time Wildwood add our second post for the year.  I know our loyal readers (thanks Nana) can’t wait to hear what’s new in the world of environmental credits.  Fortunately, we have some pretty exciting news to close out 2019! 

Wildwood is expanding our services and geographic presence under a new partnership with Trout Headwaters, Inc. (THI) out of Livingston Montana.  Best new office location ever? Yes, but not the only reason we’ve linked up with THI.

THI has been an industry leader in sustainable approaches to stream, wetland and habitat restoration, renewal, and repair since their founding in 1996.  The company’s professional team of biologists, ecologists, hydrologists, engineers, and installation specialists have taken a multidisciplinary approach to the successful assessment, design, installation, management and maintenance of more than 500 projects across the United States.

Why partner now? Wildwood states on our website, “We are always looking for like-minded partners who believe in leaving things better than they found them.”, and that’s absolutely true!  Located across the country and working in distinctly different parts of it, Wildwood and THI only crossed paths occasionally, but when we did it was easy to spot a reflection we recognized. Central to both our organizations is a passion for restoration, a strong client first mentality, organic growth and the desire to write a legacy of positive change on our shared natural resources!  So why partner now?  They say experience is the greatest teacher and with an almost quarter-century of lessons it won’t be hard to learn from THI.

Wildwood and THI will continue to maintain our own identities for the foreseeable future, but the newly formed partnership has already begun levering our complementary skillsets to provide tangible value to our clients.  This new team could not be more excited at the opportunities for economic growth we see in the world of restoration!