Who is Wildwood Environmental Company?

We are often asked, “what is Wildwood Environmental Credit Company?” Well, in an effort to keep things simple we put it in our name. Wildwood for short, is an environmental credit company. We have assembled a team of natural resource experts who specialize in the development, management and stewardship of mitigation projects.

So, what is mitigation?

“Mitigation” like almost all words has its origins in Latin, and means to “alleviate”. Wildwood provides environmental credit through the process of mitigation.  We do this by taking land and improving the natural resources to generate environmental credit, which we then can provide to offset adverse impacts for business of all sizes. 

Why mitigate? 

Besides the obvious big picture concerns with trashing our environment, the US Government created a federal regulation in the 70’s to protect our aquatic resources called the Clean Water Act. This law requires developers to offset any adverse impacts to wetlands, or streams, that might be affected by the construction of their project. Mitigating through a company like Wildwood allows developers to expedite the permitting process, fully transfer their environmental liability and remain focused on their core business, while we handle the ecological restoration. How do you create mitigation credits?

The process starts when we buy land and/or partner with the landowners to restore high value ecosystems. Through a thorough evaluation process, we determine the best way to restore previously degraded natural resources, ultimately enhancing the functions of these ecosystems (i.e. wetlands, streams, endangered species habitat). When the US Army Corps of Engineers, or the US Fish & Wildlife Services, who oversee the issuance of permits, approve these projects we create environmental credit that is transferable to other companies.

Wildwood has developed a network of mitigation banks, and like real banks we provide environmental credits to developers in need of offsets for their project’s debts.

If Wildwood doesn’t have a bank that services your project, you should ask us about our track record delivering alternative turn-key mitigation strategies like permittee-responsible projects.

So, who is Wildwood?

We are the creators of environmental credit, stewards of the swamps, sponsors of endangered species, and provider of permits. In more technical terms, Wildwood is a mitigation specialist creating turn-key strategies through our banks and permittee-responsible projects to provide permits for our clients across all industries. We’re always interested in new projects, providing quotes, or answering questions, so if you want to know us better just reach out!